About EBC

E.B.C. Corporation S.A.M. (EBC) has been in business in Monaco since 1974 advising and guiding high net worth individuals and corporations. EBC specialises in providing international structures to protect and help preserve our client’s assets. 

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Incorporated in Monaco, EBC is an independent, privately owned trust company that is fully authorised by the Monégasque government to provide management and administration services to individuals and corporations. From establishing and managing company formation to organising offshore banking, our services include advice and assistance on implementing a range of international structures. We are not affiliated to any bank, law or accountancy firm. This enables us to independently implement the most appropriate structure and support services to meet our clients’ needs.

EBC has been providing clients with secure and efficient corporate and trust structures for over 39 years. From providing wealth management solutions to company and trust formation, to tax compliance planning to offshore banking, EBC endeavors to help clients minimise tax, protect wealth and preserve assets.

The information contained within this website is intended as a general guide.

For more information on the services we can provide please call us on (+377) 92 165 999 the or by sourcing the relevant phone number from the contact page.


Business Principles

We set the highest standards and values throughout EBC for both our employees and clients. These principles apply worldwide, to all employees, agents and others when representing EBC. As individuals and as a company we will always follow these principles.

Legal “ We will act within the law, our licensing obligations and any other regulations.”

Compete fairly “ Compete vigorously but fairly in our markets, being honest and trustworthy in all our dealings.”

Inducements “ Not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or other inducements which encourage or reward a decision, or engage in any form of bribery.”

Conflicts “ Avoid or declare conflicts of interest that may lead (or be seen to lead) to divided personal loyalties.”

Commitments “ Ensure others have confidence in the commitments we make on behalf of EBC, and that agreements are suitably authorised.”

Risks “ Assess and manage risks to our business.”

Assets “ Protect our brand, physical, financial and intellectual assets.”

Information “ Protect the confidentiality of company, employee and customer information.”

Communication “ Be truthful, helpful and accurate in our communications.”

Diversity “ Treat all individuals fairly and impartially, without prejudice, and never tolerate harassment in any form.”

Health and Safety “ Care for the health and safety of each other, our products and our operations.”

Environment “ Minimise the potential harmful effects of our activities on the environment.”

Fees and Costs

We provide our clients with a detailed cost structure from set up and implementation to annual running costs.

Our fees will vary depending on the complexity and nature of the work that we undertake on behalf of our clients. Where possible, we aim to agree fees in advance with clients prior to the acceptance of any assignment. All fees and charges are confirmed by way of quotation or contract. In circumstances where this is not possible we will continually advise our clients of any additional costs that will be incurred.

Our Fees and charges fall into the following areas:

  • Set up Fees  Fees for establishing trusts, companies, or other corporate entities.
  • Annual Fees  Accountancy services, provision of corporate statutory services, directors, trustees, secretarial etc.
  • Government Fees  Filing fees upon incorporation, stamp duty, annual taxes, etc.
  • Management Fees  Fees that are agreed with you before to commencing any assignment. These fees are usually based on time but can also be at a fixed rate.
  • Advisory Fees  Fees that are agreed with you before to commencing any assignment. These fees are usually based on time but can also be at a fixed rate.

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