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Conducting business to the highest standards


We set the highest standards and values throughout EBC Trust for both our employees and clients. These principles apply worldwide, to all employees, agents and others representing EBC Trust. As individuals and as a company we will always follow these principles.


Legal - "We will act within the law, our licensing obligations and any other regulations."


Compete fairly - "Compete vigorously but fairly in our markets, being honest and trustworthy in all our dealings."


Inducements - "Not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or other inducements which encourage or reward a decision, or engage in any form of bribery."


Conflicts - "Avoid or declare conflicts of interest that may lead (or be seen to lead) to divided personal loyalties."


Commitments - "Ensure others have confidence in the commitments we make on behalf of EBC, and that agreements are suitably authorised."


Risks - "Assess and manage risks to our business."


Assets - "Protect our brand, physical, financial and intellectual assets."


Information - "Protect the confidentiality of company, employee and customer information."


Communication - "Be truthful, helpful and accurate in our communications."


Diversity - "Treat all individuals fairly and impartially, without prejudice, and never tolerate harassment in any form."


Health and Safety - "Care for the health and safety of each other, our products and our operations."


Environment - "Minimise the potential harmful effects of our activities on the environment."