Offshore Company Banking

EBC has well established relationships with Monaco banks and international banks in other jurisdictions. We can assist clients with the choice of bank and the most suitable type of account. An offshore bank account is useful for client confidentiality and as part of a clients overall  wealth and tax planning  process.

Opening a bank account

The information that is required in order to open an account varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and between banks. However, there is a standard minimum that is required for anti-money laundering purposes  in order to establish the bona fides of the client that includes the following:

  • A personal bank reference is further required. EBC can advise on the type of reference that can be drafted.
  • The proof of residential address of the directors, account signatories and beneficial owners must also be provided. Usually a recent utility bill (electricity of telephone) will suffice.
  • Where the account is opened for a company, a detailed description of the company’s activities is required including its location and sphere of activities, the source of funds, and turnover.
  • There needs to be proof of identity and signature of the directors, account signatories and beneficial owners. EBC will need photocopies of passports that have original signatures and that have, depending on the bank, been certified.


banking services include:

  • Assisting with the due diligence requirements
  • Providing cash flow and bank account management
  • Preparation and provision of all documentation to open an account