Specialised Offshore Company Services

We are able to provide the following services:

Existing Structure Review

As part of our services we also offer clients a review of their existing corporate structures to see if these structures are compliant and are able to continue to build, manage, preserve and transition the wealth they hold and manage. We look to review such items as to see if they remain compliant today as they did when first set up and meet the requirements of the client:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Dividend policies
  • Current requirements
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • OCapital repayment issues
  • wnership compliance issues
  • Tax compliance of the structure
  • Methods of funding and debt equity ratios
  • The corporate structure that holds the individual assets
  • Analysis of ongoing fees and costs to retain the structure
  • The corporate documentation of the companies in the structure

Based on our review we will provide the details of our review together with suggestions as to how best to proceed and advise on how to implement any changes if they are deemed necessary for the safeguarding of the corporate structure and the protection of the underlying assets.

Tax Compliance and Planning

  • Review the reliefs available
  • Review of company structure
  • Review of withholding tax deductions
  • Review of the current corporate tax affairs

Entity reduction

As structures are developed over a period of time and as underlying management as well as business opportunities change often the reason for the original structure is not challenged and continues in being using resources that could be better utilised.

We at EBC can offer the following entity reduction services:

  • Review the structure
  • Examine the current costs and annual maintenance costs
  • Provide advice and assistance on how best to dissolve or liquidate entities that are no longer required