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Individuals and families that have managed to accumulate wealth need to protect it. This can be achieved in a number of ways. A starting point would be to examine the source and creation of wealth in conjunction with compliance of relevant legal, fiscal and regulatory rules. The actual residency and domicile of the individual should be examined as part of this review for tax compliance purposes.

With the source of wealth documented and the issue of residency resolved, the various strategies for protecting and preserving the wealth can then be examined. Those strategies best suited to the individual’s circumstances could then be selected for implementation.

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Asset protection entities


Asset protection entities include the use of some or a combination of the following:

 - Private trusts and foundations

 - Private companies to hold specific assets

 - Family office structures

 - Insurance and investment wrappers

Our services include:


Reviews of sources of wealth.

Residency compliance.

Review of tax and legal advice.

Formation and administration of trusts/foundations.

Formation and administration of private companies.

Family office formation.

Use of insurance products.

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