EBC Trust forms and administers offshore companies to provide secure and efficient corporate structures. We provide these services to expatriates, entrepreneurs expanding businesses overseas, start-ups, private individuals and families. Also included are financial institutions, international private equity, venture capital managers and wealth managers requiring the use of all types of cross border entities.

We take over the administrative issues of setting up an offshore company, and ensure all procedures and documentation is provided. This ensures that the company is compliaint from incorporation. Based on our understanding of the procedures and legal requirements of setting up a company in many jurisdictions, our incorporation process is fast and reliable.


Why manage your offshore company from Monaco?

An advantage of having EBC Trust form, manage and administer the offshore company from Monaco is that no Monaco tax arises on its activities. For example, companies formed outside of Monaco, such as British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, or Delaware, but managed from Monaco are not liable to Monaco corporate taxes.

Monaco is a politically stable European country within the Eurozone. It has a well- developed financial and banking infrastructure that is able to support the requirements of its clients with offshore company structures.

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Benefits of an offshore company

  • Reduced taxation

    Offshore companies are generally "tax neutral" meaning they are often tax exempt in the country of incorporation. Depending on how they are structured and where they are managed from they will often pay a low or nil rate of tax. A properly structured company can legally minimise its tax obligations.

  • Asset protection

    Offshore companies are used to hold all types of assets to include intellectual property or real estate investments. Holding the asset in a company name is often preferable than owning it in your own name for asset protection purposes.

  • Privacy

    Most offshore companies provide privacy to directors and shareholders by ensuring these details are not a matter of public record. For individuals and their families that look to protect confidentiality in their financial dealings this is seen as a major benefit.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility in terms of the structure of the offshore company and its capital requirements and the ease of formation are useful benefits. Additional benefits arise from less onerous requirements as to where board meetings are held, the number and location of directors and shareholders.

  • Minimizing probate

    By owning property in an offshore company name rather than your own name, you may avoid your executors from having to deal with local inheritance laws as to how and to whom assets are distributed on your death. Such laws may not allow transfer of those assets as you may have wished.

Uses of offshore companies

Investment holding

An offshore company can be used as an investment company where it can hold and trade most types of equities and bonds. Such investments can include for example listed and unlisted shares, bonds, commodities, forex, and futures. An offshore investment company offers the possibility to roll up its income and capital gains tax free.

International trading

Setting up an offshore company to trade internationally for example, as a new business venture or where a parent company is expanding into new overseas markets, can be beneficial.

IP holding

An offshore company can be used to hold IP assets for example patents. Such IP can be developed by the offshore company itself or it may be acquired from other parties. The benefits include increased asset protection of the IP, minimising the impact of tax on royalty income receipts from licensing agreements and capital taxes on the eventual sale of the IP.

Basic requirements to form a company

In most jurisdictions there is a requirement for at least one personal or corporate director, a shareholder (individual or corporate), together with the name and personal details of the ultimate beneficial owner. We are able to provide, if required, a corporate director and a nominee shareholder.

Documents provided by us

As part of our formation service we will provide originals of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, company seal, opening minutes, share certificates together with the Certificate of Incorporation. An LEI number can be obtained, if required.

Record Keeping

Directors are required to ensure and keep up to date information on the affairs of the companies they act for. These records will include the books and records of the company, accounting records, asset registers, details of all agreements and contracts entered into. All such records should be regularly updated.

Issues with offshore companies


With the increasing development of transparency initiatives more information as to the assets of companies and their beneficial owners are now made available to regulators worldwide. These initiatives include FATCA, CRS (Automatic Exchange of Information) for 102 jurisdictions, FBAR, BEPS 13, CFC legislation and UK’s Beneficial Owners Register.

Accordingly, it is important that the structuring and day to day operations of the offshore company are undertaken properly to ensure compliance with regulatory matters. This should include a detailed review of the residency of the company as well as where the directors, shareholders and beneficial owners are resident.


See our FAQs Company Formation section for further information.

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Our services include:


Establishing companies in multiple jurisdictions, managed from Monaco.

Setting up a registered office.

Assisting with post incorporation and structure implementation.

Appointing company directors.

Placing a company into liquidation.

Provision of ready-made companies and special purpose vehicles.

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