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As part of a client’s asset protection strategy a Will should be considered. A Will enables a client to decide how they wish their estate is to be distributed in the event of their death. It allows the client to make specific gifts to named persons or entities (“legacies”) before the remainder of their estate is distributed in accordance with their Will by their executors.

For a Will to be valid the following are usually required:

 - It must be in writing, signed and witnessed.
 - You must be over 18 years and have mental capacity to make a will and understand its effect.
 - You must have full knowledge of, and approve, its contents.

At the beginning of the Will, you should make a statement that this Will revokes all others. A Will should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to take account of your changing circumstances and needs.

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Uses and benefits


The uses and benefits of writing a Will include:

 - Ensuring assets on death benefit those chosen individuals or entities rather than having the estate distributed by the State in a pre-determined way

 - Protecting family members with specific gifts of assets

 - Ensuring that the client selects their own executors that will be responsible for distributing their estate

 - Ensuring that record keeping of assets is updated and the Will is updated to reflect for such changes

 - Ease of obtaining probate by the executors with an up to date Will and set of documents so that the chosen beneficiaries receive the assets without undue delay

Our services include:


Review of Will.

Introduction to notaries/ lawyers for the execution of the Will.

Acting as witnesses.

Safekeeping of the underlying documents.

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