For more than 40 years, EBC has worked with our clients and their advisors to develop individual investment strategies to help achieve their goals.

At EBC, based on our wealth planning review, we will be able to guide you through the investment management process to ensure your selected asset allocation meets with your financial goals, current needs, longer-term lifestyle requirements, charitable giving wishes and succession issues, taking into account your risk tolerance.

Asset allocation is the process of combining different asset classes such as equities, bonds, real estate, art and collectibles and commodities in order to optimise the relationship between risk and return.

We look at not only risk and return but also at cash flow, funding needs, liquidity, time horizons, use of leverage and tax issues.

In creating your own Investment Portfolio the following should be taken into consideration:


1. Identify your Goals

  • Select your currency
  • Identify liquidity needs
  • Establish income targets
  • Review investment preferences
  • Select structure to hold the portfolio
  • Assess tolerance for risk and discuss time horizon


2.  Design your Portfolio

  • Set asset allocation
  • Identify investment strategy
  • Create investment policy statement
  • Determine performance benchmarks
  • Identify return objectives and ranges of volatility

3.  Construct your Portfolio

  • Construct diversified portfolios
  • Conduct security and manager research
  • Combine securities and managers in optimized proportions


4.  Manage your Portfolio

  • Monitor continued compliance with investment guidelines
  • Replace securities and managers that fail to meet objectives

5.  Evaluate and Discuss

  • Communicate and discuss
  • Examine the market for new ideas
  • Determine performance benchmarks
  • Adjust and adapt with your changing circumstances
  • Monitor changing trends, market conditions and legislation