Specialised Private Client Wealth Services

Existing structure review

As part of our services we also offer clients a review of their existing corporate and trust structures to see if these structures are compliant and are able to continue to build, manage, preserve and transition the wealth they hold and manage. We look to review such items as to see if they remain compliant today as they did when first set up and meet the wishes of the client:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Tax compliance
  • Asset allocation
  • Existing Wealth plan
  • The Trust documentation
  • Analysis of ongoing Fees and costs
  • The Corporate structure that holds the individual Assets

Based on our review we will provide the details of our review together with suggestions as to how best to proceed and advise on how to implement any changes if they are deemed necessary for the safeguarding of the corporate and trust structure and the protection of the underlying assets.


Tax Compliance and Planning

  • Review the reliefs available
  • Review of your current Tax affairs
  • Review of withholding Tax deductions
  • Review of Trust and Company structure


Staff Management

  • Review staff handbooks
  • Review Insurance policies
  • Review Health & Safety documentation
  • Help you to manage the Pension schemes liabilities, risks and cash costs
  • Review the current employment contracts to ensure compliance with best practice
  • Ensure you employ people legally with valid visas and work permits when people are moving across borders
  • Help you to be compliant with tax and social security laws and making the relevant payments correctly and on time
  • Review the reward strategy that will help get best fit in terms of the people you need and the best way to pay them
  • Help you to design and implement reward structures be they bonus schemes, long term incentive schemes or pension provision


Risk Management

  • Reviews of technology
  • Impact of reliance on key individuals
  • Review of the robustness of your systems and processes
  • Data compliance with legal, systems and process requirements to avoid potential financial or reputational implications

Real Estate Services

At EBC, we can effectively manage your real estate and specialty assets with:

  • Succession planning
  • Advice on sales, acquisitions and exchanges
  • Comprehensive real estate asset management
  • Manage accounting and property issues for income producing real estate
  • Determine adequacy of Insurance, payment of Taxes, bills and assessments
  • Assemble necessary documents including Deeds, abstracts and Insurance policies


The foregoing summary is general in nature, and is intended for information purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or organization.