Sports & Entertainment Wealth Solutions 

For over 40 years EBC has helped manage sports people, musicians, artists, writers and their families to build, manage, preserve and transition their wealth. We understand from experience the issues and challenges facing our sports and entertainment clients.

Typical Issues

  • Licensing issues
  • Worldwide sources of income
  • Risk mitigation
  • The irregular pattern of income
  • Managing and investing earnings
  • Limited lifespan of your professional career
  • Opportunities such as lucrative sponsorships
  • Career development in a changing environment
  • Dealing with complex Tax & Accounting issues

Our Approach

We are able to advise you on your wealth that includes image rights, copyright and publishing rights both now and in the future. We can help you to identify the assets, structure them and then manage the structure on your behalf in a tax efficient manner.

Our approach to private Wealth management focuses on bringing together the client, the goals and aspirations of the client and family, and the process of wealth management planning.

We are client focused, with a wide network of qualified professional firms and banking institutions enabling us to offer current and up to date advice, implementation of that advice as well as protecting the structures that form part of the overall Wealth management solution.

At EBC, we prepare and deliver personalized solutions as part of our Wealth planning approach designed to help sports and entertainment individuals and their families build, manage, preserve and transition their Wealth. 

At EBC, our approach to Wealth planning begins with a review of your goals, future aspirations and Assets. Our wealth planning process focuses on developing a clear plan of your specific requirements and goals, so that a personalized action plan can be prepared that aligns solutions with your goals.


Our Typical Sports Client Profile 

EBC provides wealth management planning services to high net worth individuals and families who have widely differing backgrounds, wealth and needs.

EBC’s focus is on listening to and understanding you and your family including your current situation, your goals, your future plans and your family situation.

As part of this process we will typically review the following with you:

  • Career plans
  • Retirement plans
  • Lifestyle purchases
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Changes in Tax laws
  • Relocation to another country
  • Death of spouse, child, or parent
  • Purchase or sale of major property
  • Your existing financial plans, if any
  • Significant Wealth increases or decreases
  • Transfer of your assets to children or others
  • Birth or adoption of children/grandchildren
  • Health care issues of elderly parents or other family members
  • IP and image rights, copyrights, trademarks, publishing rights

As part of our process in providing solutions we will work with your existing trusted advisors (often your family, your manager, your coach, your lawyer and your accountant) and you to ensure that your financial arrangements meet your specific requirements. We understand the importance of agents and managers in the development of your career and we have considerable experience in working with them to achieve your long-term goals.

Based on our discussions we will prepare a detailed wealth plan to assist you achieve your goals. This plan will bring together private banking, investments, trust solutions, insurance and specialized sports & entertainment wealth solutions to meet your specific requirements.

The foregoing summary is general in nature, and is intended for information purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or organization.