Our Core Services

Offshore Trusts

Offshore Trust are an important legal concept in common law jurisdictions and widely used for succession planning, pensions, and the holding of property.

Offshore Companies

Offshore Companies can be used to minimise taxes, offer greater personal protection as well as complete discretion for transactions.

Monaco Companies

Monaco companies can provide a number of tax advantages. The formation of a Monaco SARL, SAM or ANP can also be used to support an application for Monaco residency.

Monaco Residency

Monaco is a safe place to live with a stable government and a thriving banking sector. Monaco has no income, capital gains or inheritance tax.

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Why EBC Trust?

Four Decades of Experience

Established in 1975, we have a breadth of knowledge and experience in the business of preserving, managing, increasing, and transferring wealth.

Monaco Based With International Reach

Based exclusively in Monaco, we are well positioned to advise our international clients looking to take advantage of Monaco's favourable fiscal environment.

Independent Advice

Not being part of an international group allows us to be flexible and offer independent advice and bespoke services to our clients. 

Government Certified

 EBC Trust is fully authorised and regulated by the Monegasque government to provide trustee services as well as financial and regulatory compliance advice.

We Help With

Structuring Your Investments

We provide the advice and implementation for creating the most efficient structures for your investments and luxury assets, such as super yachts, private jets, luxury cars and timepiece collections.

Moving to Monaco

We help individuals, and their families relocate to Monaco by providing assistance with the Monaco residency application, opening a bank account, finding a suitable apartment and much more.

Doing Business in Monaco

If you are looking to base your business in Monaco and take advantage of a safe and friendly fiscal environment, we are here to help. We are able to form and provide ongoing services for Monaco ANP, SARL, SAM and SCI/SCP.

Doing Business Internationally

When you shift your focus overseas, it's important to have a strategy. We aim to provide our clients with tax efficient structures and regulatory compliance expertise to carry out business internationally in the most effective manner.

Protecting Your Corporate Wealth

It's important to separate your personal assets from those of your business. We use a number of vehicles, such as offshore and onshore companies and trusts to shield your corporate wealth, facilitating the growth of your business.

Protecting Your Family's Assets

At EBC Trust we specialise in succession planning and protecting family wealth by providing our clients with solutions that allow them to take advantage of a tax-neutral environment and conflict of laws rules.

A word from our Chairman


EBC Trust, as a trust and corporate services provider, based in Monaco, we continue to be well placed to provide our clients with timely, tailored solutions and effective advice to assist them to operate and manage their affairs in an increasingly complex regulatory and fiscal environment.

Our core services remain trust and international company formation and management. We also provide wealth and retirement planning together with relocating to Monaco for those individuals and their families that need to set up, maintain and protect their worldwide interests in a safe and stable environment.

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